Qi Li Research Group
Lab of Advanced Nanodielectrics for Energy Storage, Control and Conversion

Lab for Material Synthesis and Processing (2-402 West Main Building)
Lab for Material Testing and Analysis (2-404 West Main Building)
Bruker NanoIR3 nanoscale infrared spectroscopy
Hitachi SU8010 SEM
Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
Electrocaloric measurement system
Hitachi UV-vis spectrophotometer
Hot Disk thermal constant analyzer
Ferroelectric hysteresis loop and dielectric breakdown test system
Dielectric capacitor fast discharge test system
Horizontal tube furnace
Dielectric test system with DC bias & Leakage current test system
Parr series 4566 reactor system
Dielectric-barrier-discharge plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Zone-heated film stretching machine
Thermo Scientific twin screw extruder
Heating and drying oven
Vacuum oven
Sputtering coater
High-speed centrifuge
Hot press
Tip-type sonicator